Thoughts on Twin Peaks – A Series


I’ve invited a fellow Twin Peaks fan to talk about our reactions, responses, thoughts, and disagreements on the new series of Twin Peaks. Hopefully this space will get a lot more interesting than it has been during the previous, and fallow, year. Welcome Nat! I’ll leave you for now with one of my favorite songs

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Music Recommendation – Heymoonshaker


The specific alchemy of what makes a band stand out from the rest will never be codified. Sometimes the lyrics will grab you, enunciating something about your life that you have struggled to voice. Sometimes a voice’s particular lilt or tonality will pull you in or shake you up. Sometimes the thrill resides in how

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Just Four Songs


Just four songs. One EP. The songs are not even titled, marked merely I, II, III, IV. A woman’s voice sweeps and swoops and there are hints of other musicians to be sure—Antony Hegarty, Ani DiFrano, PJ Harvey—but in the end, you are wrapped up inside the voice of one Anna B. Savage. Each song

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Dying on Mars


I don’t read much about the Mars One project because I’m too jealous of those who might actually go. I know, I know: the whole idea is a crackpot one and there is a very real chance that the project will never actually get of the proverbial ground. But if I’d been younger, fitter, and

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