Dying on Mars


I don’t read much about the Mars One project because I’m too jealous of those who might actually go. I know, I know: the whole idea is a crackpot one and there is a very real chance that the project will never actually get of the proverbial ground. But if I’d been younger, fitter, and

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New York City and Me


Closing in on the end of my two week trip to NYC on a New York Public Library Short Term Research Fellowship where I’ve been going through the Living Theatre archive that is housed in the Billy Rose Theatre Division. For some reason, as I walked through the Highline Park this morning before heading to

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My Favorite PodCastle Stories of 2013


My Favorite PodCastle Stories of 2013 These are by no means an assessment of talent or value, merely my personal favorites of the stories we’ve run this year. If you don’t know about my involvement with PodCastle, you can read this Medium post to find out just what this organization means to me. This year

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Today I Made This


**Red Shift** I keep waiting for a CLICK then all will fall into place. Just one CLICK and I will know what to do, just one CLICK and everything will make perfect sense. But for every one CLICK there is a hundred more fears a thousand more desires a million more questions unasked and nothing

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