Road Trip 2013 – Welcome to Oklahoma

This morning started with my portable coffee station:


Not pictured are the coffee beans that I ground fresh. Yeah, I’ve become *that* guy.

Also, here is a quick video update that I can’t figure out how to embed on this page using my iPad can be found here.

I am at the Economy Express Inn in Henryetta OK. Getting an early bedtime. I’d like to get an early enough start tomorrow that I can camp out tomorrow night – which I’ll probably only do if I get within 6ish hours of Phoenix so I can get to Joya’s late afternoon on Tuesday.

Anyhoo, that’s it for me for today.


Road Trip 2013 – And Thus It Begins

And thus it begins. I have a car rental, a cooler of food, some clothes, some tech, some camping gear, and lots of music.

I was originally going to take 70 west before dipping down to pick up 40 but I think I would rather add the 300 miles and go south through West Virginia to pick up 40 in Tennessee. I still have a few thing to do around the house, so I’ll probably head out between 12-1 and plan on driving about 8 hours today unless I’m feeling good and get into a driving groove.