Today I Made This


**Red Shift** I keep waiting for a CLICK then all will fall into place. Just one CLICK and I will know what to do, just one CLICK and everything will make perfect sense. But for every one CLICK there is a hundred more fears a thousand more desires a million more questions unasked and nothing

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Ashes to Ashes Rehearsal Photo


The show I am directing opens this week. Info can be found at Here’s a rehearsal photo that I like. And yes, I know most of it is in shadows, but I have a thing for this kind of image and I feel like it does actually communicate something about the show, even though

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Play 15


This, along with 2, 6 & 9, is one of my favorites. And, quite possibly, the last play I actually complete for this project. Title: Pushed Author: Peter Wood Draft date: 13-08-15 Contact: On stage a young woman with dark hair and wearing a crown woven of flowers sits in a straight-backed chair looking

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