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Road Trip 2013 – End of Day 1


Long day but got an extra hour with the time change driving west to that was a bonus. I didn’t get out of Pittsburgh until 1:30 pm. Drove 10 hours and about 560 miles.

Now: sleep. At the News Inn.

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Road Trip 2013 – And Thus It Begins

And thus it begins. I have a car rental, a cooler of food, some clothes, some tech, some camping gear, and lots of music.

I was originally going to take 70 west before dipping down to pick up 40 but I think I would rather add the 300 miles and go south through West Virginia to pick up 40 in Tennessee. I still have a few thing to do around the house, so I’ll probably head out between 12-1 and plan on driving about 8 hours today unless I’m feeling good and get into a driving groove.


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A Rough Schedule for my Trip

Subject to some change, but pretty much what I have planned. If you are on the itinerary (either named, or just in the state that I will be in), please check this out and contact me if the dates don’t work for you.

You can find the full sized pdf version here.

calendar of my summer trip
summer trip schedule
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Linking to my Medium Posts

In addition to using this space as a personal journal, I’m going to continue to post longer and more thoughful essays over at When I do, I’ll post a link here so you don’t have to be going to multiple sites for the writings of me.

Today I wrote and posted this: The Grind is the Thing. I hope you enjoy.


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Why is this thus?

Your Humble Author
Hi. So I have re-booted this website to serve as my primary blogging site. If you want to see what I was up to between 2007 – 2012, feel free to explore my old site, Living the Liminal. As I am about to take a month to drive across country and as I’m going to suspend my Facebook account soon, I figured I’d recondition this ol’ website and use it as a journal of sorts. Welcome and I hope you enjoy my writing and images. Aloha.

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