Road Trip 2013 – Welcome to Oklahoma


This morning started with my portable coffee station: Not pictured are the coffee beans that I ground fresh. Yeah, I’ve become *that* guy. Also, here is a quick video update that I can’t figure out how to embed on this page using my iPad can be found here. I am at the Economy Express Inn

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A Rough Schedule for my Trip


Subject to some change, but pretty much what I have planned. If you are on the itinerary (either named, or just in the state that I will be in), please check this out and contact me if the dates don’t work for you. You can find the full sized pdf version here.

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Linking to my Medium Posts


In addition to using this space as a personal journal, I’m going to continue to post longer and more thoughful essays over at When I do, I’ll post a link here so you don’t have to be going to multiple sites for the writings of me. Today I wrote and posted this: The Grind

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